The Journey Begins…Sort of

Thanks for joining us!

This is the first in what I hope becomes a long amazing journey down an unknown path. 

I’ve always been a teacher.  Not in a classroom setting, but in everyday life.  I realized in high school that I actually enjoyed presenting.  Being in front of people and discussing topics that I felt comfortable with was natural for me.  In college I decided to become an orientation leader where my entire objective was to talk to small (one on one) and large (auditoriums with 100+ people) groups and encourage them to come to Stephen F. Austin State University.

I LOVED it!  

Once I graduated and went off to the ‘real world’ again, I jumped at opportunities to get in front of people and educate and lead them. I presented projects, ideas and strategies to leadership teams and cross functional groups.  

Then I took it a step further and auditioned to be on QVC for Dell. This was the big time.  I was going to be on TV!  Not only was this TV, but it was 100% live.  No delay, no pre-taping, no ‘take two’.  And again…I loved it. 

As my career advanced, I found myself leading teams of less experienced marketers, starting teams from scratch and talking to founders about the importance of marketing and how to establish successful teams. 

During this journey, I went from being the young guy on the team full of veterans to the old guy with all the experience leading new marketing minds.  I got married, had kids, advanced my career and added skills at every turn.

My wife (Brook) and I have always discussed the idea of creating our own business.  One that was lean, versatile and allowed us both to share our expertise with companies that wanted to grow.  So we started Eclective Marketing.  We decided to start slowly…just saying yes to requests for help on the side of our corporate jobs. Over the past few years, we’ve seen some momentum and have decided to dedicate more time to this endeavor. So we’ve been consulting and freelance working really just to help friends out, but now will focus on this full time, at least for me.  Brook will continue to jump in as needed, but I’ll be heading down the path of entrepreneurial freelance work full time. 

The gig economy is growing like crazy.  What used to start off as “work from home” ads paved the way for Uber, Fivver, ride sharing, UpWork and many others to flourish.  Now people can share their expertise and work on their own schedule allowing them to experience life outside of an office for 10 hours a day.  And productivity is soaring.  

So, here’s to jumping out into the great unknown.  I hope you join us as we have our failures and successes and watch us learn at every step of the way!

Thank you!


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