Who Are We?

We are Brook and Jason Appelbaum, parents, Texans, marketing geeks and board game dominators.

Brook grew up in south Texas attended the University of Texas, got her graduate degree at Northwestern, lived in Chicago and came back to Austin where she met a pretty terrific guy.

Jason grew up outside of Houston, attended Stephen F. Austin State University and moved to Austin where he met an amazing woman.

Luckily we have a lot in common, we love to travel, play board games, attend concerts and make each other laugh.

But, there are lot of things that we don’t share.

Brook is a great writer, a true creative with a knack for writing compelling stories. She can also draw pretty much anything she sees, has a sharp wit and loves product marketing.

Jason is a great story teller, loves to play sports, has an innate desire to help others and loves digital marketing and coaching others.

Together, we create a team with complementary skills and backgrounds that can help any organization take their marketing from 0 to 100.

Marketing is never a simple job title or job type.

It evolves, moves, and changes constantly. To adequately keep up, you need a marketing team that can match the fluidity of your needs, your market and your customers.

With over 40 years of combined marketing experience, and diverse network of talented marketers, our “eclectic collective” of talented marketing individuals have seen and experienced nearly all facets of marketing and its challenges. We understand that hiring a full-time “marketing manager” or “product marketer” may not be what you need. That is why we offer customizable a la carte services that you can tailor to create a team based on your specific and dynamic needs at a certain point in time.  At Eclective, we’re helping marketing teams bridge the gap between marketing roles, marketing projects, digital plans, business strategy, demand generation and helping you evolve.

We’d love to help you.

Brook Appelbaum

Brook is a sharp witted, product marketing phenom who loves creating content that bridges the gap between products and customers.

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Jason Appelbaum

Jason is an enthusiastic digital marketing guru who loves connecting all the digital marketing dots to find, impress and convert customers.

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